Performance Management

An organisation without a performance management system is like playing darts with your eyes closed and hoping you will hit bulls-eye. You may be lucky, or you may run out of darts before you ever got close. If you donâ??t have a system to assess, measure and manage performance, you have no focus, direction or ability to recognise success and reward achievement.

Performance management is a careful balance between WHAT and HOW. â??WHATâ?? are the clear targets and objectives that need to be achieved. â??HOWâ?? is the way and behaviour that enables the achievement. Would you classify a chef who makes an outstanding meal but burns the kitchen, a good performer?

Performance management includes setting clear, measurable targets and objectives, giving feedback, managing poor performance, changing behaviour and coaching people to be the best they can be.

We work with our clients to implement appraisal systems, train managers on how to set targets, provide you with advice on rewarding performance, and teach you how to manage poor performance.

  • Appraisal systems and processes
  • Appraisal training
  • Setting targets and objectives
  • Assessing and measuring performance
  • Rewarding performance