About Udakka

We believe in professional confidence, personal integrity and joint success.

We are passionate about our services, we are experts in what we do and we are inspired by the people and clients we work with.

Founded in 2004, we are an organisation of international Human Resources professionals with many years experience in working with public and private sector organisations.

Our clients include small, medium and large, local, national and international organisations. Our clients recognise the importance of creating successful teams and have asked for our advice, support and tools to eliminate barriers to success and create the systems that generate high performance teams.

What our clients say:

On our Process and Restructuring services

Marjolyn [Udakka’s senior consultant] is a true professional and world class in her field. Marjolyn has masses of energy, shrewed judgment and is a charismatic influencer; a perfect skill set in her profession. Marjolyn has consistently delivered a very high standard with great efficiency, allowing our business to evolve quickly and effectively. St Tropez

On our Performance Management services

At all times, we have found Udakka to be professional, pleasant, responsive and utterly customer focused. We would have no hesitation in using Udakka again, and would recommend them to others seeking quality services and HR solutions East Midland Incubation Network EMIN

On our Talent Management services

The work Udakka Ltd undertook was complex, however, they delivered a high quality service within the time frames agreed. Their skills and competencies were excellent and their service exceptional. University of Nottingham

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